Urology Practice: Smartphone App for In-home Uroflowmetry

Volume 9 Issue 6, November 2022, Page: 524-530


We compared the test results obtained by a novel MenHealth® uroflowmetry app against the standard in-office uroflowmeter. MenHealth uroflowmetry is a smartphone app that analyzes the sound of urine voided into a water-filled toilet. The program calculates maximum and average flow rates as well as volume voided.


Men over 18 years old were tested. Group 1 included 47 men with symptoms suggesting overactive bladder and/or outlet obstruction. Group 2 included 15 men with no urinary complaints. Each participant conducted a minimum of 10 MenHealth uroflowmetry measurements at home and 2 standard in-office uroflowmeter tests in our office. Maximum and average flow rates and voided volume were recorded. A comparison of averaged results of MenHealth uroflowmetry and in-office uroflowmeter was performed using a Bland-Altman analysis and a Passing-Bablok nonparametric regression analysis.


Regression data analysis indicated a very strong correlation between maximum flow rate and average flow rate when comparing MenHealth uroflowmetry to in-office uroflowmeter (Pearson’s correlation coefficients of .91 and .92, respectively). Insignificant difference in mean maximum and average flow rates for Groups 1 and 2 (< 0.5 ml/second) also proves strong correlation between the 2 methods and accuracy of MenHealth uroflowmetry.


Data obtained by a novel MenHealth uroflowmetry app is equivalent to results from a standard in-office uroflowmeter for men with and without voiding symptoms. MenHealth uroflowmetry permits repetitive measurements in a more comfortable, “at home” setting, which provides a more comprehensive analysis, a clearer, nuanced picture of the patient’s pathophysiology, and a lesser chance of misdiagnosis.

Submitted April 5, 2022; accepted June 30, 2022; published July 21, 2022.
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Jenny Belotserkovsky
Jenny Belotserkovsky

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