Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our mission is to develop the most innovative mobile based medical devices that will be accessible to all with a push of a button. 

We envision a future where patients do not need to wait for a serious health problem to arise before getting treated. 


Founder and Chief Scientist

Our founder and Chief Scientist, Edward Belotserkovsky, PhD, envisioned MenHealth’s first prototype in 2013 with a mission to help men monitor their urinary health.

Most men avoid getting urological consultations until their symptoms get progressively worse and they can’t urinate.

That’s why he felt that something needed to be done.

Edward developed and patented the first sound based uroflowmeter that analyzes urine flow based on the sound of the flow hitting toilet water.

Jenny Belotserkovsky

Leadership + Operations

Leo Belotserkovsky

Business Development + Partnerships

Craig V. Comiter, MD Stanford University Medical Center

Senior Medical Advisor

Michal Tavrovsky

Clinical Affairs + Product

Roger Schultz, MD
Urology of Virginia


Graham Gillies

Security + Compliance

Robert Kahn, MD Golden Gate Urology


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